Pather, Yashlen (Mr)

MScEng candidate

Yashlen Pather obtained his BSc Eng in Chemical Engineering from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in 2022. He is a recent graduate who is currently undertaking his Masters degree in chemical engineering with the WASH R&D center at the university of KwaZulu-Natal. His key function is to conduct research and experimentation on bound water disruption mechanisms and treatment methods to improve wastewater removal processes and share his work through reports, conferences and a thesis.


Project title: Disrupting bound water in faecal sludge to improve water removal processes

Project description: The proposed research topic is to identify bound water disrupting methods through a literature review and experiments, and apply them for the improvement of dewatering and drying of faecal sludge. The methods researched will concentrate on how to convert the bound moisture into unbound moisture using both physical and chemical processes. These methods will be conducted at laboratory scale, while measuring changes in influencing physicochemical factors, bound water proportions and performance indicators. The most appropriate treatment method will be selected based on economic feasibility, energy efficiency and scalability to be used in South Africa.

Starting date: July 2023

Supervisor:  Dr S. Septien

Co-Supervisor: Dr J Pocock


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