Arumugam, Preyan (Dr)

Senior Research Scientist

Dr Preyan Arumugam is a sanitation scientist with a passion for innovation around sanitation delivery to the underserved. Her expertise is in testing and monitoring of non-sewered sanitation (NSS), design and evaluation of decentralised wastewater treatment systems, standards development and revision (ISO 30500, SANS 1733) related to NSS and informing policy around sanitation provision in South Africa. She works closely with the eThekwini Municipality and is funded primarily through the WRC-SASTEP. Dr Arumugam is currently aiming to establish a formal Testing Centre for sanitation treatment technologies at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

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ARUMUGAM P, ZUMA L, MERCER S, GOVENDER L, POCOCK J, BROUCKAERT CJ and GOUNDEN T (2022) The potential of decentralised wastewater treatment in urban and rural sanitation in South Africa: lessons learnt from a demonstration-scale DEWATS within the eThekwini Municipality. Submitted.

SINDALL RC, COTTINGHAM RS, ARUMUGAM P, MERCER SJ, SUTHERLAND C, ALCOCK N, BUCKLEY CA and GOUNDEN G (2021) Lessons learned from a pre-commercialisation field-testing platform for innovative non-sewered sanitation in Durban, South Africa. Water SA 47 (4), 385-395. 

SPÄTH J, ARUMUGAM P, LINDBERG RH, OVOKEROYE AA, JANSSON S, FICK J and BUCKLEY CA (2021) Biochar for the removal of detected micropollutants in South African domestic wastewater: a case study from a demonstration-scale decentralised wastewater treatment system in eThekwini. Water SA 47 (4), 396-416.

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