Our Organisation

Area Lead: Ms Kerry Philp

Finance: Mr Edie Mbolekwa

This action area aims to achieve organisational effectiveness. Its focus is the internal processes and systems of the WASH R&D Centre with a view to improving efficiency and effectiveness across our research and training activities. Financial sustainability is included under this action area.

Key areas:

Data and Media Management

Human Resources

Office Management

Administrative and Financial Processes and Procedures

Financial Sustainability

Core funding projects:



Lead organisation

Brief Description

2021 – 2025

WASH R&D Centre

Support for the restructuring of the WASH R&D Centre, to ensure its sustainability in a more business-oriented fashion, while establishing the needed criteria (excellence in both theoretical and applied research) to become a South African (and possibly African) Centre of Excellence (CoE) in the WASH sector.

2017 – 2023

WASH R&D Centre (as the PRG)

Laboratory and technical support to grantees undertaking engineering field testing of sanitation prototypes, including user acceptance.

2006 – 2024

WASH R&D Centre (as the PRG)

Since 2003, the WASH R&D Centre (as the PRG) has provided eThekwini Water and Sanitation (EWS) Division with scientific support in the Division’s efforts to develop and implement innovative water and sanitation services to the under-served, along with their mission of maintaining cost-competitive waste treatment service to industry and ensuring the health and environmental status of the rivers and beaches. Over the years, EWS and the Centre have established Memoranda of Agreements (MOA) to formalize their collaboration

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