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Area Lead: Ms Sifiso Dhlamini



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Brief Description

2022 – 2024

WASH R&D Centre

he purpose of this project is to develop a cost-effective mark scheme for the certification of non-sewered sanitation systems (NSSS) against SANS 30500, identify in-country laboratories with the capacity to provide testing against the entire standard, and test at least one Class 1 and one Class 2 NSSS under the proposed mark scheme in order to identify any other barriers to NSSS achieving certification in South Africa and provide potential solutions going forward.

2021 – 2024

WASH R&D Centre

This project aims to create a platform to develop a next generation sanitation network within South Africa and Africa, while providing advisory extension services on policy, procurement, regulations, bylaws and desktop technical evaluations to co-ordinate the sanitation system.

2021 – 2022

WASH R&D Centre

There are currently no accredited laboratories in Africa that provide helminth testing on water, sanitation, or environmental samples. This has led to discussions and a proposal by TüV SüD to support the Centre’s laboratory in undertaking accreditation under ISO-17025/2017 and particularly, to accredit the helminth methods (and two physicochemical methods).

2019 – 2021

University of Strathclyde

This study maps the stakeholders in a target city in five Global South countries and evaluates whether they consider and how they define inclusion when developing and implementing urban sanitation programmes to provide insight into how to shift mindsets towards a more interdisciplinary approach to inclusive urban sanitation provision.

2019 – 2020

WASH R&D Centre (as the PRG)

The project developed policy and technical training materials including guidelines to provide different sectors with an overview of and awareness of the ISO 30500 and ISO 24521 standards.

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